I can’t believe it, because most of time I feel like I’m still that little girl discovering the big fascinating world around her…but yes, as of today (2nd of June 2016)…I’m officially 27!

One of the things I repeatedly hear is ”Your life is perfect”. Believe me, my friends, it’s not. I have my fair share of struggles, however, I choose to share the positive with you.

I prefer to count my blessings instead of my troubles. 


You know you’re blessed when you are genuinely loved, appreciated and valued; when you have a healthy body, an intelligent mind, a roof over your head, good food on the table, millions of opportunities to make your dreams and goals come true, but also enough challenges to make you stronger and keep growing. You know you’re blessed when you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, and all the other little things you tend to take for granted. When you can breathe in clean air and feel safe. You know you’re blessed when if people ask you what you want for your birthday, you can’t come up with anything, because you already have everything. I honestly couldn’t be more grateful, so I’m celebrating life, in its perfect imperfection!

27 & The best is yet to come!



P.S.Scroll down for more pictures, outfit details and direct shopping links.

*Update, June 3, 2016: You know you’re blessed when you’ve received almost 1000 of the sweetest birthday messages!
I’m overwhelmed, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!*

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Outfitdetails: Dress & Shoes – Missguided.
Lipstick: Candy K by Kylie mixed with Sierra NYX Cosmetics.

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