When I think of a woman breaking away from convention, with all that it encompasses in terms of daring and courage, I think of her as:
strong, surprising & unpredictable. Often misunderstood, underestimated and perceived intimidating by those too insecure; Yet she’s
unbothered by all attempting to define her, cause she knows she is so much more than anyone, let alone simplistic minds, can comprehend.

She is too open-minded and wayy too versatile to fit into any “box”. She is as complex as she is simple.  As intellectual as she is sensual;
As serious as she can be playful. As determined, tough & adventurous as she is adaptable, warm loving & introverted.

She leads by intuition, often bringing her on paths in opposite directions of the status quo. Being a rarity herself, her life is far from dull and ordinary. She’s relentlessly passionate in pursuit of her goals. Very much aware of her strengths, capabilities and value.
Just as much as she knows very well her flaws and faults. But these, she uses as fuel to rise again and again; To grow, adapt, advance, transform and raise the bar every day.

She lives to explore her dreams, while flourishing in her created reality with an attitude of gratitude. Her uniquely graceful charisma combined with her radiant energy tends to leave an everlasting impression… She is everything beyond your imagination, and nothing you can fully envision.

And as I’m writing this, I realise…she is me. And as this woman, as me, I am free…✨


📍Location: Panamá, Central America

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