Truly grateful for your visit! 

My name is Nadira Ravirashmi Ramautarsing, born in Paramaribo, Suriname (1989). 

Raised by loving parents in company of my little brother. 


At the age of 18, I came to the Netherlands to study at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where I finished my Bachelor degree in International Business Administration. Afterwards, I specialised in Marketing, obtaining a MSc. title from the VU University in Amsterdam. 


In 2010, while I was still studying,  I started my first business in Textile Printing, which expanded into a Customization Concept Store named Wulterkens located in Hilversum.


In 2014, I founded ”To The Nines Consultancy” providing marketing consultancy advice to companies and brands from diverse industries internationally. In addition, I’ve been invited to several speaking engagements at international conferences on social media marketing and self-development.


My ‘ influencer” journey started out as a hobby, first sharing my passion for fashion, then more of my journey as a young female entrepreneur, fitness fanatic and foodie. As my following increased, I integrated more of my lifestyle and as I started traveling, I collected a very diverse international following. I’ve been privileged to have partnered with many different brands, hotels, resorts, restaurants, airlines and even airports from all over the world.


 I would describe myself as a true introvert with an attitude of gratitude, who loves laughing with genuine, loving  company, and enjoys the simple things in life, like sunsets and fresh flowers. I’m passionate about traveling, adventure, exploring, learning and experiencing new things.


As I keep on exploring & discovering with-in and -out myself, my aim is to inspire young women and men by leading by example; Show them that it is truly possible to live life to your full potential. As I am, coming from a thirld world country, obtaining university degrees, building several successful businesses, traveling the world. 


I emphasise the importance of self-love, learning & growth, communicating and living your own truth, investing in yourself, finding & creating yourself.  

Writing is my therapy and I speak from experience straight out of my heart & soul: 

 raw, open, honest, real…


Perfection is dull, yet I do believe in maximisation; getting and making the most out of every experience. Therefore, I decided to name my company, website and channels  ”To The Nines”- as it means ”To perfection…” or ”to the highest degree”, which is the level I always strive for with everything I do.


I hope you find something here, even if it’s one sentence or tip that you will carry with you.


Love & Blessings,