Exactly one year ago, I stepped on a plane to Egypt, North Africa and it’s truly been one of my most amazing travel experiences to date (and you all know I’ve done my fair share of traveling). 

Watch the entire diaries below (consisting of 5 travel vlogs). All information regarding travel tips, visa, guides etc. can be found in the caption below the videos on Youtube. 


Travel Vlog 9: The City of Cairo, Egypt:

Travel Vlog 10: Luxor, Egypt: Karnak Temple & Valley of the Kings: 

 Travel Vlog 11: The Egyptian Museum, Egypt (real mummies!): 

Travel Vlog 12: Pyramids & Sphinx – Giza Plateau, Egypt: 

Travel Vlog 13: Oldest Pyramids, Egypt: Dahshur, Sakkara & Memphis:

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