“Some fear the fire🔥, others simply become it”…And when you see her glowing, sparkling like sunshine, dripping gold from her pores—let her be✨

Because you see, every moment is a new opportunity for growth and greatness. Each minute you can choose to be a better and happier you.
Every realization starts with a single thought. I’m not the kind of woman to wait until the the new year to become a more evolved version of myself. I’m not waiting until a new week or even tomorrow. As humans, we have the capacity to shape and reshape our lives at any given moment. There’s so much beauty in (un)becoming and so much mystery in never being the same person when you’re ever evolving.

I’ve realized a long time ago that I am the only one responsible for how my life will be looking. That actual growth is being able to look in the mirror and be honest to yourself about your shortcomings and things you could have responded to better, all the while still loving yourself just as much as you would love the ideal version of yourself that you’re working towards.

So I’m working, I’m breaking down my patterns, i’m creating positive shifts, i’m expanding, transforming, advancing and adapting. I’m shedding my limiting beliefs and old habits, creating space for thoughts, words and behaviours that are going to serve me better.  I’m a lot kinder to myself. No self-destructive choices, yet no excuses. Trusting in the power of my mind and intuition. I’ve already experienced that power over and over again, as I’ve come a long way.

Growth is my choice, and i’m no longer afraid to explore the depths of my own consciousness and existence, as I still have a long way to go…✨

📍Location: Loosdrecht, The Netherlands

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