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This summer we’ve launched our Wulterkens’ Hipster Party Collection, which consists of fashionable t-shirts, crop- and low cut tops with funky, unique personas, we call the Hipsters. What I personally love about the collection is that they’re all different in their details, and I believe most of us can find ourselves, or our alter ego’s within atleast one of the designs.
Next to the Hipster’s, I wanted to create a female superhero line, with powerful words, in a playful, comicbook style that just makes an awesome statement. By now, lots of lovely people are walking around in the collection, which is amazing!
If you haven’t checked it out yet, visit: www.wulterkensclothing.com.


We named it the Hipster Collection, because it simply fits the definition of being a trendsetter; to lead when others follow.

Apart from our awesome collection, I do believe in setting a trend beyond fashion.

Personal Branding, is one of the things I’ve been exploring recently, which is basically, profiling yourself to stand out from the mass. It’s about stating who you are, why you are different and it’s all about influencing the way others perceive you as a person.


In today’s ”social media” generation, I believe we all (mostly unintentional) are exerting some form of personal branding, yet there are only few who master it.

I’m not a personal branding coach, so I will not be able to give you all the insights. But a good start would be to start asking yourself these questions:
1. Who am I? / How would I describe myself?
2. What drives me in life (mission)?
3. What gets me out of bed every morning (passion)?
4. What am I good at? (skills)
5. What are my most important values?
6. How do I think others see me?
7. How would I like others to see me? / What would I like to be known for (Vision)?

Take these questions as a guideline, and with the answers you can start with a plan.


As a (almost master) marketeer, I would also like to share with you the 6 P’s of Personal Branding (Source: Business 2 Community):
1. Probe – Determine what exactly your personal brand is. See it as a life-changing exploration of your passion, mission and skills. By doing this, you can discover your personal brand and with this you know exactly how to position yourself.
2. Present – Figure out how you will present yourself. Create a marketing plan.
3. Produce – Original Content. Establish your expertise through content marketing.
4. Promote – Your content, through social media, speaking at events, traditional marketing and so on.
5. Personalize – Make sure to continuously add authenticity to your content and marketing efforts.
6. Perfect – The last, but continuous step of Personal branding. Constantly assess your work, and make adjustments. Learn and grow, make sure that’s visible through your content. Sometimes you will have to take a step back to perfect even more. Be thorough with refining whatever it is that you portray.

There you go, personal branding in a nutshell. If you would like to know more, feel free to comment or contact me through email.

Good Luck & Lead When Others Follow!



IMG_8018pAs you guys know by now, I love to go on adventures when shooting. We always come across the craziest places. This time we literally broke into the ruins of an old theatre. It was extremely dangerous, because there were sharp things flying around, it was cold and extremely windy, which lead to zero control over my hair, which is pretty clear in all the pictures. However, those who know me, know that I occasionally crave a little bit of danger in life. A little adrenaline rush never hurt anybody right?
As for the look, I wanted something matching with the statement of the Wulterkens’ Hipster collection, so I went with a mixture of funky, sporty and edgy.
I hope you guys enjoy these pictures, for which we’ve risked our lives for taking!

Outfitdetails: Wulterkens Badass Crop TopWulterkens Venice Low Cut Top.
Wulterkens Varsity Jacket (Sold out); High Waisted Striped Shorts: Ebay (old), Leather Look Leggings: Zara (Old); Shoes: All Star Sneakers & ZARA Heels. Leather Jacket: Mango (old)


”Life isn’t about finding yourself, but about creating yourself”  – George Bernhard Shaw


‘Be yourself, everybody else is taken” – Oscar Wilde


“Personal branding is about managing your name — even if you don’t own a business — in a world of misinformation, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records. Going on a date? Chances are that your “blind” date has Googled your name. Going to a job interview? Ditto.” – Tim Ferriss

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