Whenever I say “If only…” in a conversation with my dad, he replies, “If only I were a King, my dear, then you would be…” and then I fill in “a princess!” and we laugh together.

Despite being cared for like a princess by my loved ones all my life, I have always been aware of the value of money, hard & smart work, perseverance and dedication.

My spiritual awakening-process couldn’t have crushed my self-image more, of both “Princess” and a “hard/smart-working, young female Entrepreneur” as I would proudly believe & present myself to be.

I’ve got to experience how nothing is more freeing than letting go of these identifications with self (including the entitlement that comes
with them).

You see, we “think” a whole lot of ourselves, which comes with an equal lot of expectations and demands.
When life deals us a difficult hand, we tend to focus on the “If only…we had better cards…” or the “this shouldn’t be happening to me…”,
which makes us blind to all the opportunity and blessings we have at that moment.

“If only I had a better body”, “If only I lived by the beach”, “If only I make 6 figures…”, “If only I am…, If only I have…etc. THEN, I will be so happy, satisfied, fulfilled…” And in the mean time? You’ll be stressed, frustrated, miserable?
How often has your mind tricked you into the above?

I’ve been there, lost in the identification with being an entrepreneur: #hustlehard, #nopainnogain, #neverevergiveup -all the clichés.
And while there is nothing wrong with having goals and working your 🍑 off towards them, there is one thing many, including myself in
the past, seem to forget: To genuinely be happy in the process.

We are so lost in anticipating the future, that we don’t even realize that at this very moment, the future is nothing but a fragment of our
mind, a thought, a fantasy, a dream. There’s no single guarantee nor is there anything we can hold onto.
So…How is it that we base our everyday moods and entire happiness on just wishful thoughts?
Why would we choose to remain royal prisoners in our future Kingdoms? 🤷🏽‍♀️

“..🎶 Is this the real life? Is this the fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality🎵”-Queen.

📍Location: Cairo, Egypt

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