What Beyoncé has recently taught me…

Her newly released Lemonade has inspired a spiral of thoughts that lead to this blog, which are interesting from both a marketing and a personal growth perspective.

While everyone is obsessing about ”Becky with the good hair”, all I see is the brilliance of it. While Beyoncé lashes out at Jay-Z, suggesting adultery, and the entire album basically revolves around her heartbreak, it has the entire world speculating. Yet, what most people tend to forget is that the album Lemonade is released exclusively through Tidal, which is a  streaming service company co-owned by both Beyoncé and Jay-Z (among others), making it one of the smartest money making endeavours and everyone is falling for it. It just makes Beyoncé and Jay-Z brilliant entrepreneurs and it’s something we can all learn from.

IMG_0592kopieYou see, Beyoncé with her A-star status is perceived by many as ideal. The idea that she has to deal with the same things that many of us have to deal with such as infidelity, heartbreak, insecurities etc. provides many with a certain degree of comfort. ”If Beyoncé can be cheated on, well then maybe it’s not the case that I’m not good enough” could be a thought of some lady who’s been cheated on. By making the album personal, it adds so much value to it, making it more than just a few new Beyoncé songs. Tidal described the Lemonade concept as ”every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing”. So what can we conclude from this?

IMG_0552kopieWhat I’ve learned from it, is the following:

1. From a marketing perspective: Product/Brand Experience determines your product’s value. The entire Lemonade concept is a confirmation of the fact that creating an experience around your product or brand enhances the perception of the value of it, because people are able to relate on a certain level. In this case, even if the rumours and insinuations are true, Jay-z and Beyoncé are still the ones laughing hardest (together) as all they have been hearing is (even more)”Cha Ching, Cha Ching” since April 23.

IMG_0581kopie2. From a personal growth perspective: The grass is never greener on the other side.
We can learn from Beyoncé’s honesty (assuming her story is true and her heartbreak is genuine), that we all have our issues to deal with. Whether it’s money problems, heartbreak, or something else, nobody is exempted from it. The grass is not greener on the other side, although we might often think so. Especially nowadays with social media, where people tend to share (only) the better things in their lives, it seems as everyone’s grass might be greener. But clearly even Queen B has her issues and no perfect life.

IMG_0534kopie3. From a personal growth & marketing perspective: Make that Lemonade!
When life hands you lemons…you buy some sugar and you make €€€ selling lemonade. Transform your heartbreak, pain, struggle, issues into something positive, that you can use for yourself to grow, personally, and if possible even financially. You have the power to take control. Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you choose to react to it. You can choose to make that lemonade, instead of crying over the lemons your where handed.

So pull a Sasha Fierce and turn your pain into a better you, a better world and even €€€!

Mantra for the week:
”Storms are always temporary. With every difficulty I come out polished, stronger and prepped for blessing beyond my wildest dreams”.



P.S:….IMG_0607kopie*…All above is based on the assumption that there is at least some truth and sincerity in Lemonade the concept.*

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