It was an amazing experience, getting to explore beautiful Panamá, the contrast, the (bio)diversity, the gastronomic experience, the authenticity, the beauty …I hope you enjoy this part 1 of my 3-part Panamá Travel vlog. 

When Airport Management Limited, the company that oversees all operations on the International Airport of Suriname, asked me to join on this special adventure with Copa Airlines, I couldn’t say no.

Their goal is what they call the“Route to 1 million passengers in 2033” and in order to get there, they’ve worked for years to get Copa Airlines as a partner with already 14,000,000 passengers, to fly the Panama-Paramaribo route.
The connection from Suriname to Panama and the other 80 destinations on the continent you can travel to from Panama, creates so much opportunity for my home country Suriname. In addition to a boost of tourism, this connectivity brings lots of economic benefits! 

So so thankful to Airport Management Ltd and Copa Airlines! Also a special thank you to Irvin Ngariman, Niguel Mannes, Jean Luc van Charante, Jill Cassie and Ivan Tai A Pin for your great company, patience, help and the borrowing of some footage.

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