Purple Rain

Because it’s raining and feels like winter is already here (yes, I’m a drama queen, who is not a fan of seasonal transitions) AND I was dared to use this legendary song as a blog title ;-). 

This time no deep philosophies…It’s been a bit quiet from my side because I have been in over my head with work. Currently juggling 10 different projects of which 4 Marketing Consultancy projects for my company To The Nines, and the rest are (pretty huge) projects for the Wulterkens Store and my textile printing company EW Products. We’ve grown a lot with so many new customers, of which some very big, well known companies and brands (NS – Dutch National Railways, fashion label SuperTrash, many media companies and tv-shows etc.).  

Also, I’m on the board of entrepreneurs of all the stores in the Gooische Brink (the passageway where my store is located), which makes me responsible for increasing traffic to that part of the city and organising fun events. With the ”Midnight Shopping” event coming up October 6th, it’s taking up a lot of my time as well. 

One of the highlights of the end of august is us being sponsors of the Africa Fashion Week Europe with the Wulterkens Store. It was an awesome event, with amazingly talented designers. To check out my absolute favorite, click here. Some of you might have seen a bit in my Instagram stories and I have some pictures of the night on my Instagram. Up next is the Asia Fashion Week Europe in the city of Arnhem at the end of november, of which we are sponsors as well!

Another highlight: since January this year I’ve been working on developing a marketing campaign for Hilversum City, because Hilversum is an awesome city, with the best specialty stores, all the chain-stores you need and every kind of restaurant you can imagine. It’s known as the media city from which all news is spread to around the globe. It’s the 17th biggest city of the Netherlands, but feels like a village, with a community of friendly people, where everyone pretty much knows everyone. We felt at home very quickly since we’ve moved here, because everything is closeby and there is always something happening. Together with some fellow marketing experts, entrepreneurs and the municipality of Hilversum, we sat together and thought out a campaign that would make people want to come to Hilversum and the people of Hilversum proud to be from Hilversum. 

This week the campaign was launched all over the city, and people are very excited about it. Social Media is exploding with people talking about it and so are the local newspapers. For the campaign, the Wulterkens Store is one of the merchandising partners. The municipality spread about 10,000 postcard ladders, which includes one from the Wulterkens Store (with my face on it haha) and it’s been crazy busy since. I’m hoping you will come by and check out the awesome city of Hilversum and get a t-shirt of course! 🙂  

Another project I’m really looking forward to is the Marketing training I will be giving in my home country Suriname, along with two other marketing experts, whom I also happy to call friends.  It was planned for October this year, but due to our busy schedules and us wanting to make it an unforgettable event, we decided to postpone it to February 2018. It’s very exciting for me to go back to my home town and finally be able to contribute with my knowledge, expertise and experience. My Surinamese readers who are active in the field of marketing, I’m hoping you will join and learn the latest in marketing. Stay tuned and start marking your calendars for February, I will keep you posted on the exact date!

Most of the other projects I’m working on are in progress, so I can’t say too much about them yet. A lot has changed…80 hour-work weeks have become a normality, but I am not complaining at all! I am extremely grateful for all the amazing things coming my way allowing me to keep on pushing myself, growing, evolving and shining. 

”Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing
It’s time we all reach out for something new
That means you too
You say you want a leader
But you can’t seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it”.  – Prince, Purple Rain. 

I wish all the same for you. Go get it!





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