Despite my French being non-existent, the saying “Reculer pour mieux sauter” stuck with me. It means: “To take a step back in order to make a jump forward”—which is how I feel…like I’m being pulled by something greater than me…to observe, listen, learn…

As I received life’s gifts, I had a choice:
Self-sabotage: hide my emotions, continue ignoring my intuition, dive into work & everything else entertaining that would present itself—thereby repeating the pattern (aka the path of least resistance)
Put on my brave-girl panties and dive into transforming my pain into something useful🦸🏾‍♀️

While I was persuaded a few times, I’m so grateful I was able to commit to the latter.
You see…the more I started accepting life as it “is” including my own truth and that of others, I started feeling more aligned, grounded & at peace.

I needed to let go of how “I” decided things should be; make space & trust that everything IS as it should be; as I could clearly see why everything happening was for me to be able to break a destructive cycle of letting my mind cloud my intuitive judgement & lingering in situations that weren’t for me.

Observing myself brought me so much clarity: How all my emotions are guidance to where I need to connect with myself; I learned to use the cause of my emotions to identify my psychological needs, values and redefine my boundaries (to keep out what I don’t want in the future).

While I’ve been feeling really good lately, I’m still on this journey of healing & full acceptance where I have to continuously forgive,
be kind to & remind myself to trust this process of self-love, which paradoxically is more like a hell of a rollercoaster ride.
It’s also the most liberating conscious transformation I’ve experienced.

As many are dealing with their own set of challenges during these crazy times, just know: You always have a choice.

Stepping into my power has taught me that acceptance of what “is” combined with consciously facing yourself can bring you closer
to who you are to the core. With this insight you can take on the world from another level ✨

I may not see the road ahead, yet I feel confidently optimistic, even excited! Taking one step at a time…


📍Location: Paris, France

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