I get so many messages asking me what I do exactly, how I am able to live my privileged lifestyle, how I got here etc., and it makes me think of a phrase my dad uses: “Everybody wants to go the heaven, but nobody wants to die”.

You see…I don’t have any more hours in a day than you do. I just made a habit out of creating my own opportunities, taking (calculated) risks and most importantly, putting in the work, always giving 200%. I continuously challenge myself to find smarter, more efficient ways to get things done. To me, easy is boring. So is too much of a routine or playing it safe. I’m always leveling up by choosing the difficult paths, out of my comfort zone, cause I love the thrill of a good challenge.

But the number of times I failed? Countless! None of which I shared on Social Media and still learning every day. By now I’ve embraced the falling, cause I know from experience I’ll always stand up again: wiser & stronger. The anticipation of the knockout punch, is what makes it interesting!
A lil’ bit of blood, loads of sweat and a ton of tears is what it takes. Sacrifice. Patience. Continuous improvement and investment. Being flexible
and constantly re-strategizing. Smart scaling & delegating. Staying away from negativity and spending your energy wisely. But also, taking time
to rest and reflect.

I think entrepreneurship is highly romanticized and when reality kicks in, many just give up.  Everyone wants things fast and easy, yet nothing worthwhile having is obtained immediately without effort. To the contrary, I believe, you have to be willing to “die”, in order to proceed to “heaven”.
If you’re not to some degree, you’ll have no choice but to settle, which is fine too, depending on your vision for life.

So this freedom I have, all the things you see me do, none of it comes falling out of the sky. It’s purely me reaping seeds I’ve planted for years. It’s me manifesting everything I visualized, pored all my energy into. I wish I could tell you a more fairytale-like story, but the good news is, that it’s fairly “simple” and it’s entirely up to you! 😉

📍Location: Panamá, Central America

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