The Cost Of Ambition


First there is an idea, a certain concept, that develops into a vision/ a dream. Then, you start making it more realistic and it becomes a goal. A goal you can accomplish by getting through a certain number of steps.

When you have broken down the goal into a number of steps, then you have each step on its own, that comes with its own challenges and opportunities. And basically the entire process of getting to the next step involves a lot of sacrifice, hard work and capability of dealing with certain set backs that make the way to the next step longer.

Robert Kyosaki says ”The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream and how you handle dissapointment along the way”.
How you handle dissapointments, hurdles, setbacks, whatever you want to call them, will decide ultimately whether you get through to the next step and eventually to reaching your goal successfully.

The entire path to success is beautiful also, full of learning, growth, changes, sometimes you end up taking other routes that you would never thought you would take the moment you started. It’s an adventure, a roller-coaster. The process itself is very rewarding, if you have the habit of being thankful for each little step towards the right direction.
I believe that it’s not about the destination, which is the ultimate goal you set, but about enjoying and appreciating each step of the journey.
I also believe we constantly re-shape our goals, as soon as we’ve achieved a big part of it, it is very likely that our focus starts to differ, because more things start to become possible than we’ve anticipated on before, so we start moving the boundaries we set in the beginning, and the goal becomes bigger/different along the way, which is a beautiful thing.

However, devoting your life to achieving certain goals, in order to be able to live a certain lifestyle comes with a great cost. It’s simple: You focus on what you want, and you get what you focus on. But with that focus being on a certain goal, you really don’t have time for other things. I’s a cost that not many are willing to pay. See also my previous post on the Value of Time.
The cost I’m talking about:

– Late nights, early mornings (chronic exhaustion)
– Lots of Associates/Business contacts, very few (real) friends (close to no social life).
– You will be misunderstood (including by your family).
– You will be single unless you’re lucky enough to find someone who understands your lifestyle
– People want you to do good but never better than them
All these points basically lead to you doing everything alone.

”’It’s lonely at the top”, a very well known phrase. However, it already starts on the way to the top. You start living a live that people around you don’t understand and at the same time, when they see your success ,they want it too, but have no idea what it takes or they are not willing to work for it/ give up the many things like you are. This is applicable to many things, it doesn’t neccesarily have to be related to business.

The people around you not understanding and not wanting you to do better than them has become very obvious to me multiple times already. For instance on social media, when I post something insignificant, yet recognizable for everyone, I get a lot of likes and response. Yet, when I post something significant, a highlight/milestone for our business, something really cool, the number of likes/comments is 1/4 or half of what I usually get when posting something.
I’m still working on a hypothesis to why that is exactly. Is it too far from their beds, that they can’t relate and therefore don’t give it attention or is it that I’m really surrounded by lots of haters (including family and so called friends) who don’t like to see me doing/achieving big things?
People I’m not acquainted with seem to be happier and more likely to press the Like button.

I don’t tend to give it a lot of attention, because I’m not the kind of person who likes to focus on negativity, but sometimes it is dissapointing.  At the same time, it gives me a lot more energy because I love to be able to show (off) that it is possible and I made it happen, when others thought of it to be impossible. Moreover, I do it all for myself, not for anyone else, so I don’t need anyone’s approval or applause. However, I more would like to inspire people to do the same than to have them just hating and not making anything out of their life.

The whole ”not having a social life” part of entrepreneurship is already something I’ve gotten used to. I am very grateful to have my partner in life who is also my partner in Business by my side, which means I am lucky to have someone on the journey to the top, someone who understands everything. I am also very grateful that I have 2 amazing parents and a brother who understand and support me all the way. And apart from a handful of friends, this is where it stops. Which is fine, because I don’t have the time anyway and I don’t do drama, I do Business.

Two big highlights from Wulterkens have been the new Sports-collection that is online now. We have expanded from only Fitness to Running, Bootcamp, Crossfit, Boxing and other similar activities/sports and we are managing to differentiate the brand with statement items in funky colors and with motivating quotes. We are growing very fast, every day more people know the brand and love it, so that’s of course a big deal for us.
We also have a really fun giveaway with stunning Dutch top model Kim Feenstra, who proudly wears our clothing. You can Win her Wulterkens outfit. Only 1 day left to participate in the competition, click here. The complimentary comments about Wulterkens Clothing of all the lovely people that are participating in this giveaway are overwhelming!

Banner Kim langwerpig1

So these are 2 big things that bring our brand to yet another (higher) level and another step closer to our goal. I’m extremely proud, because there were many sleepless nights and it is yet a confirmation to us that it is worth it. Hard work pays off, and you don’t just get lucky, you have to create your own luck. I am very grateful for those who recognize the passion and love to work with us.

I wonder if any of you have similar experiences, so feel free to comment and share yours.

Stay Focused, Positive & Passionate.


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