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It all started in February 2012, when my partner and I got the crazy idea to start our own clothing Brand. We didn’t have much of an idea what we were getting into. Now, 1,5 year  later, I feel like we’re on the longest rollercoaster ride ever…but I love it.

It’s been so much of so many…This is my story, that I want to share with you. My journey as a millennial entrepreneur in the fashion business in the Netherlands.

It started with a crazy idea, it became a dream, and now we’re living it. We wanted to use our skills and expertise to create something different. Our entire idea of life has always been different.
With no offense to anyone, we don’t believe that the point of life is the way it is portrayed in big lines: Education, Work, Family, Pensions and if you’re lucky some Vacations and luxury in between.
There is so much more to life, and we want  more, we want to add a significant value to this world. Really leave our mark and enhance the quality of many people’s lifes.

With Men’s fashion, we noticed in Europe that despite there being so much available, it all is pretty much the same, not much choice if you want to stand out a bit. It was all for what we call the grey mass. We want to create for those who Lead when others follow, those who want to set a statement with their clothing. Who really want to express their individuality and personality without saying a word.This was the source for the creations of Wulterkens. We just released our 3rd collection in June, available on
Our t-shirts have been spotted on many Dutch celebrities, international DJs, music artists, tv hosts, reality stars and even some upcoming artist in the USA. We are working hard to build Wulterkens up to an international imperium.

In this blog I want to share my passion with you and my journey. You can expect much more about me, fashion and beauty posts, updates on my Wulterkens journey, events, my views on topics I find interesting and also the many lessons that I learn along the way.

With this blog I would like to inspire, spread positivity, motivation and love. I think we all have the ability to be whomever we want to be in this life. It’s just a matter of determination, persistence, patience and the will to follow through. Never give up!

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