Learning persistence in following my inner compass, as it seems the only means to guide my way through….The way the seasons come and go,
as I keep riding waves and walking on these roads, to constantly find myself in new time zones, with new phrases and new goals.

The out of the ordinary life I’ve always wished for, I’m now living in gratitude for the limitless possibilities. Yet, the unknown frightens me just as much as it excites me. As much of a puzzle it is to “become” and “unbecome”, it’s equally challenging to keep finding balance in the continuous change.

I’m feeling it all comes down to building a happy, loving home, regardless of location, situation and presence of company.
Under inner-construction is where you’ll find me…content with how solid the foundation is coming together, from which I know that whatever happens; no matter how damp the disappointments, however my heart may be torn and bruised, I will always be absolutely fine.

I will come out at the other end, just like I have all the other times before and realize all I am is all I need and that will always be here right inside of me. A bold, strong love; a true romance that will never fade…🔥

📍Location: Loosdrecht, The Netherlands

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