Work Like You Don’t Need The Money, Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Dance Like No One Is Watching


Reflecting on 2013, the first thing that comes to mind is how extremely thankful and blessed I am.

For the first half of the year I struggled to manage my business and finish my Bachelor degree at the university. While most people see that as an accomplishment, I was actually just happy to be done with it. What I did learn during that period was the value of time. This might sound cliché, but since I finished my Bachelors, I really valued my time a lot more and spent it as wisely as I could. I’ve learned to choose for myself, investing time in my business, myself and my personal growth has become a priority and it’s done me very good.

Personal Growth

2013 for me has been full of personal growth. Mostly in the second half of 2013, I’ve learned so much, not only business wise, but about myself as a person. I completely pushed my boundaries to another level, broadened my horizons in several ways. I constantly pushed myself, physically, but mostly mentally.  And today I feel like I can handle anything. In life, you have to be prepared, to fight the hardest battles and challenges, and seize the best opportunities.
The thing about personal growth is that it is endless, there is no limit to where you can grow and the growth itself can bring you everything you want in life.

So my goal in 2014 is to become smarter, stronger, better than the Nadira in 2013. Grow more, learn more, fight more, Win more.

On the note of Gratitude,

My love, my soulmate, best friend, business partner, Fitness partner, pretty much my everything….Edwin Wulterkens…I can’t really describe in words what it is that I feel for you other than that I love you to death and I am so thankful that you came into my life. 2014 is a big year for us and Wulterkens and I am excited to share this year of growth with you.

To my loving mom and dad,  Thank you for believing in me (and Edwin) and giving me/us all the support I/we need to build my/our business and life. Without you I wouldn’t be who I am today and well, I think the word grateful just doesn’t cut it, but you get the point. Love you more than anything!! Ish, my LITTLE brother, same goes for you, I don’t get to see you often due to both our busy schedules, but I’m very proud of you thankful that you always have my back.

To all friends, family (in my case some friends are more family to me than family), you know who you are!! One of the things that I really want to do in 2014 is tell you all how much I love and appreciate you more often. I know I’m busy, and it’s going to get even busier, but I will take every chance I have to spend quality loving time with you, because I do miss you. Thank you all for your loving support.


With regards to Wulterkens, I want to thank all of our customers, fans, supporters from all over the Globe who all contributed to our growth in 2013. Thank you for wearing Wulterkens, for flaunting it proudly, for sharing with your friends. We cannot describe how much it means to us.
As entrepreneurs, we strive for perfection, and are constantly thinking of ways to make things even better. So we will continue in 2014 to make you the best we can!! We will work hard to bring you more amazing designs that will distinct you from the mass, make you Lead when others follow!

Remember people, your life is your message to the world, make sure it is inspiring. Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others (cause ain’t nobody got time for that haha). Be tough, choose your passion, set your goals and be focused on reaching them. Keep your eyes on the prize and work!!!

One of the key messages that I’ve learned also is to accept the things I cannot change. Focus my energy on changing the things I can (think in opportunities, not in obstacles), and in 2014 I aim to master the difference in knowing the things I can change or not. Focus your energy on building the new, instead of fighting the old. Always follow your intuition and heart. And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, enjoy a beautiful sunset, and LOVE more!!

There will be a lot of challenges for me in 2014. Next to making and market the best collections of Wulterkens you guys have seen yet and expand internationally, I will start with my Part time Master in Marketing Management. Moreover, I have my personal goals and fitness goals, so let’s just say, I won’t be bored. I’m very excited and I’m ready!! Wulterkens is ready!! Are you?

Sending you all my love, blessings and the best wishes for 2014!! Let’s make it an outstanding, amazingly productive, healthy, happy and successful year.


P.S. I am writing this in a hurry, without reviewing it, so don’t mind any spelling mistakes!

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